Current works

Ø "The Farmer, the Blue-Collar, and the Monk: Understanding Economic Development Through Saturations of Demands and Non-Homothetic Productivity Gains." with E. Gray (TBS) and A. Grimaud (TSE)

Ø “Term Structure of Equity Risk Premia in Rough Terrain: 150 Years of the French Stock.” with G. Prat (Nanterre)

Ø “Ste Anna Effects on Education in Britanny" with O. Gergaud (KEDGE)

Ø “Constraints on the Executive: a Reappraisal of the French and English Old Regimes through Parliamentary Activities” with Ronan Tallec (Paris I Sorbonne- Pantheon).

Ø “The Development of Corporate Governance in Toulouse: 1372-1946”, NBER Working Paper, n. 21335 with S. Pouget (TSE) et W. Goetzmann (Yale).

Ø Family Characteristics and Economic Development.

Ø “Parallel Path to the Corporation.” avec S. Pouget (Toulouse School of Economics).